Family & Friends (Toronto / Munroe Falls / Chicago)

Leaving the East Coast behind we also leave the US behind for a few days and head into Canada. On our way to Toronto we plan a short stop at Montreal. Unfortunately, it is raining so heavily when we arrive that there is no way to take a tour through the city. As we awake the next morning there is no change so we can’t come up with anything better than going sightseeing by car. Unfortunately, everyone in Montreal seems to have the same idea so we end up in a massive traffic-jam. Guess we’ll just have to postpone Montreal and continue to Toronto.

Our days in Toronto and then back in the US in Munroe Falls are just about quality time with family which involves a lot of food, drinks, chatting, and laughter. We even forgot to take pics of the family in Toronto. Sorry! Especially with the ones I haven’t seen in over 20 years and Andi’s meeting for the first time, there is a lot of catching up to do. Spring is showing us its sunny side so we go on a mountainbike-tour through the surrounding forests and burn off some calories – absolute fun!

Next stop is Chicago where we’re so looking forward to see friends of us again, especially as they’ve got their first kid recently and the little girl is just adorable. And guess what: our days here involve even more food, drinks, chatting, and laughter. Life’s really hard at the moment…

This time we also get to see a different side of the city as the first days of summer have arrived. We head to the beach and lie in the sun for an afternoon, and enjoy the stroll through the city-streets at night in summer-clothes accompanied by refreshing cool wine even more.


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