The Pacific Northwest (Seattle & Vancouver)

We keep going West until we finally reach the Pacific Coast of the US at Seattle. Being a fan of Starbucks and having watched every single episode of Grey’s Anatomy this is something I (Karina) really have been looking forward to. (Don’t worry, I won’t look for Grey Sloan Memorial…)
As it turns out it is a city that truly meets the eye: whether it’s the stunning skyline, the esplanade along the vast waterfront, or just the massive glacier Mt. Rainier on the other end of the city.

Space Needle:

Pike Place Market, Gum Wall, Occidental Square, Museum of Pop Culture, Pioneer Square:

Seattle is also known for its ‘Micro’s’: coffee roasteries, breweries, distilleries, … along with a lot of delicious food. Another city which knows how to make life just worth living. Nightlife is actually quite similar to home with a huge pub & bar scene with a cool and relaxed vibe, very much to our liking.

It is amazing and inspiring to see what all the people working for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation are achieving. We highly recommend a visit!

Next we go into Canada once again to check out Vancouver Island. As winter just vanished a few days ago up there we’re really lucky to see nature awaken while we’re there. The forests are beyond beautiful and crash right into the ocean. The locals jump into the waves for some surf at Tofino. However, seeing them not only with thick wetsuits but also with hoodies, gloves, and boots we decide to get a hot cup of coffee and watch them instead of jumping in ourselves.

Taking the ferry back to the mainland we want to get our own impression of Vancouver city. Its scenic beauty exceeds Seattle’s and when it comes to food it definitely equals, only the vibe cannot quite hold up.

Having reached our most North-Western-Point of our trip we can finally say: Let’s go South.


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