On our way to Oregon we stop at Mt. St. Helens, one of the many vulcanoes in this area. The last eruption of Mt. St. Helens dating back to the 80s blew of the top of the mountain and created its current shape. The nearby observatory has some spectactular views to offer.

The Colombia River Gorge is home to the mighty Colombia River and stunning waterfalls. The Multnomah Falls are very impressive and beautiful.

“Keep Portland weird” is Portlands official or inofficial motto. We couldn’t agree more. It is a weird city we are not really connecting with, unfortunately.

Oregon is as much Wild West to us than the states of the Great Plains, so we get tickets for the St. Pauls Rodeo. A spectacular and very american event with horse rodeo riding, bull riding and other crazy cowboy stuff. Just outside of town we stop for some delicous handpicked blueberries.

The Oregon coast is our next destination, Highway Nr. 1 winds down south right next to the ocean. Whales are moving opposite direction to cooler areas upnorth. We stop a couple of times to witness these beautiful creatures. 


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