Yosemite National Park

California, and the South West in general, offer so many different National Parks. Beeing equipped with a annual pass we would like to visit them all. Clearly, even on a trip like ours that is not possible. So we decide to see the most famous in this area and we do not regret this decision. The Yosemite Valley is packed with fantastic mountains like the not only in the climbing scene well-known “El Capitan” and the stunning “Half-Dome”. Amazing waterfalls pour down from the sides of the Valleys into wild rivers. Entering into the High-Season, the Valley is quite full of spectators and sometimes it can be hard to find a parking space at the trailheads. But the further you hike along the trails, the lesser people you encounter.

It is a long drive to Glacier Point, but it is well worth it. We get an outstanding view of the valley from above, only a few feet in front of us the cliff drops vertically about 3000 feet. 

Animal wildlife in the valley is rare, there are just too many visitors and little room for the animals to hide. So we are happy to see some deer and mammals. But Yosemite National Park extends way beyond the Valley, so we hope to see more wildlife on our way to the eastern entrance. And again, the Park does not fail us. Close to the street we are able to watch a Black Bear enjoying a wildflower meadow.

Before we reach the eastern exit, it slowly starts to get dark and we get hungry. So we stop at one of the picnic areas, light a campfire and enjoy a lovely dinner underneath the stars.


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