Death Valley to Las Vegas

It is fascinating how quick scenery can change in the US. Within a few hours drive we’ve come to the driest and hottest place you can imagine – Death Valley. With 50º Celsius we’re happy that you can enjoy most of death valley by car because every time we step out of the car it feels like opening the door of a pre-heated oven and climbing into it. I’m pretty sure we could have fried an egg on a stone…  We’re quite stunned about how diverse the area is, from massive sand-dunes over rock-formations in any colour – golden, pink, purple, turquoise to dried salt-streets way below sea-level.

Hoping that the temperature will drop once we get out of the valley we keep riding into darkness. Once we found our spot for the night we face another breathtaking starry sky and watch many stellar constellations and falling stars. I even caught the milky way on a photo – but I had to pay quite a price. As I didn’t bring a tripod I had to sit very still and after trying to get a good shot for half an hour I found out that my foot was right in the middle of an ant trail and the ants spread all over my leg…

We arrive in Las Vegas during the day and find out that the temperature over here is 48º Celsius so there is only one thing to do – hopping from one air-conditioned place to the other and wait for nighttime to kick in. There is just nothing like Las Vegas by night – the illuminated hotels and casinos, the shows, acts, and nightclubs. We turn night into day and spend some entertaining hours at Hakkasan Nightclub to see DJ Tiestö. By coincidence we find out that one our friends from back home is at Las Vegas, too, for a convention so the following evening is settled, too. So happy to see Anja again!

Well, we didn’t make the big money on this weekend but we’ve had an amazing time! 


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